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A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step

If the fight for freedom of oppression was the plight of South Africans over the past 50 years, then the fight for the next 50 years should be to free the minds of our youth through a functional education system.

In South Africa, there are 27 000 schools, of which 22 000 are dysfunctional and which contribute annually to an already dysfunctional society.*

One School at a Time believes that a proper solution for education can deliver a solution for poverty and crime. It is our belief that teachers, through a functional educational system, will become the engine that drives the change in every social and economic challenge that our country faces today.

Our purpose is to create an educational system that's a shining example to the world. Our short-term goal, set in 2007, is to transform our partner school, Forte High School, to a level that will deliver a pass rate of 100% with 60% of the learners receiving university exemption.

And our next goal was to implement the same projects that are working at Forte High School at Itirele-Zenzele Comprehensive School, our second partner school.

By using Forte High as our incubation school, we will continue to develop and test projects that support our vision of a greater education for all in South Africa.

* The Joint Education Trust