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Forte High School

We partnered with Forte High School in 2008 as our first beneficiary school of One School at a Time. Forte High is based in Dobsonville, Soweto - a no-fee paying school serving the township community including the Reconstruction Development Settlement, which mostly consists of child-headed families. In a school with an actual capacity of 1050 learners, the learners' roll for 2017 is well over 1900, which means every contribution we make goes towards the advancement of these learners.

The pass rate of 52% back in 2007 steadily improved to 66% in 2010 and then to a fantastic 94% in 2014 – last year our grade 12 learners passed with a 88% average. Total distinctions achieved was 67 and 44% of the learners passed with bachelor pass (University Exemption) - positioning Forte High amongst the top township schools in Gauteng. So our involvement at the school continues to make an impact.

Forte High School's purpose is to be a beacon of light: academically, socially and politically - and One School at a Time is here is assist them to fulfill this purpose.


Itirele-Zenzele Comprehensive School

We successfully partnered with our second school, Itirele-Zenzele Comprehensive School in Diepsloot, in December 2012 with the assistance of a grant from Auto & General.

We started the same programme and approach we use at Forte High School - and Itirele-Zenzele High School has increased their pass rate from 74% in 2012 to 81% in 2013 and they achieved an 85% pass rate in 2016.

Itirele-Zenzele Comprehensive School's purpose is success: to successfully produce quality, self-reliant, responsible citizens.